Kohl Mama Branding

A new branding job for blogger and possible entrepreneur Kohl Mama, check out Georgina Thompson lending advice to new mums here...



University of York Alumni Association xmas card

This years card was the "best in 6 years"... happy christmas!


Here Be Thieves

Here be thieves inaugural gig at the Ulleskelf Beer festival...




Baby Caterpillar lift the flap book

A new job in to bring the story of the little caterpillar to life in a lift the flap kids books for under 3's...







There a monster in my room

Starting full colour work on 'There's a Monster in my Room'... more soon...


York Sport Gazebo

A new York Sport gazebo was needed to inspire outdoor activities this summer...



York Sport - Out of this world 

A new job to reinvigorate kids sporting activities at York Sport, The University of York Sports Centre. We came up with Gym, the friendly sporting alien. Gym juggles fruit and plays a lot of sport... keep posted for more of Gym on posters and collaterol soon...


Flying high


A great new commission for a children's book has just flown into my inbox... can't say much about it yet but it's a really fun project. I'll keep you posted!

It's cold in space

So I've been working on some new book images, including a new cover. They are a little bit cold in terms of their look and feel, especially for a children's picture book, but I thought I'd post them, so here they are...




Stones update

Nearly done on the re-working of Stones picture book, which may or may not be called The Boy Who Lost His Island from now on...

The boy who...

... didn't quite get published just yet :( 


Some interest but it 'needs more work' is the general theme, so time to roll the sleeves up and get on with it. (Seriously considering going on a writing course!)


Black and Whites

Some new work just using black paint...









Computer Arts November 2012

I'm deligthed to be included in this month's Computer Arts magazine, one of the industries most respected publications. It's out now, so go and get a copy (if you want to).


Some pics below...




Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency

I am delighted to announce that I now have a literary agent!

And I'm even more deligthed that it is Penny Holroyde from the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency! Fingers crossed that a publishing deal isn't too far around the corner...



The boy who got to space

I recently met with a literary agent about a couple of children's books I've been working on. The feedback was great and as a result, I've started to take a more traditional approach to these illustrations. 

Here are some images from "the boy who got to space". Let me know what you think...






Digging for Treasure

I met up with Simon Inman recently to discuss a possible collaboration in the future.

Very nice guy, very nice work...

Check out his website - www.treasurestudio.co.uk



In 2006 I applied to go to design college and was asked to come in for an interview to show some of my work. I wasn't a designer and knew very little about design - hence the need to go to design school - but I had to produce some work to show at the interview.

Here are a few of the (now faded) images I showed back then; they are crude pencil sketches, but I guess they showed enough promise to get me in (either that or they just let anyone in!)


Elliott Smith 


Scene from The Pianist


Bob Dylan

Master of disguise

What's this guy doing? Hmmm, looks pretty innocent to me.

But take a closer look; he's a yeti hunter and he has caught sight of one! Run yeti, run!

Change of heart

For this week's illustration friday - kernel. 

The woodsman has cut down all the trees and there's nothing left for the squirrel to eat! He's had a change of heart, but it's too late! 


Stones nearly finished...

The Children's book I've been working on, Stones, is nearing completion!  

Only a few more pages to go. Here are the latest spreads...

Inspired: The Beast is Back

The Beast is Back is the pseudonym of designer, animator and all-round-immensely-good illustrator; Christopher Lee.

Check out his website here

Stones children's book

Billy's been playing skipping stones A LOT, and it's having an effect on the island's height!

New pages from the children's picture book, Stones.

Still playing around with the font on this project - what do you think of the playful script font - is it too Comic Sans-esque?



Stones children's book - new pages

I returned to the Stones cover to make some adjustments. Also, I've been busy laying out the inside pages. Here are some more 'work in progress' images from the book, mostly without the words (don't want to give away to much of the story!). Hope you like them!

Stones - a children's picture book

I have recently been working on a new children's book called Stones.

It is a nice little story about Billy; a boy who finds a fun new hobby - skipping stones. Whilst skipping stones, Billy learns the importance of preservation the hard way! 

The story and illustrations are far from finished, but here's the cover as it stands now...

Suspense for Illustration Friday

There's nothing like a good cliffhanger to add a little suspense...

This is my first ever painting using only Photoshop (ie without drawing in illustrator first). It's pretty fun and the
effect is very different from my usual method - will definately be doing more like this in the future.

Here are some close ups...




Twirl for Illustration Friday


Twirl for this weeks Illustration Friday.

I love painting, even though I'm not so good at it! This is acrylic on canvas.

See the other entries here... 

Scrumpers Packing Heat at Complex Magazine


A nice little article on Scrumpers can be found over at Complex Magazine. Click here to have a read...

Prepare for Illustration Friday

It's Illustration Friday again - this week's topic is Prepare.

Whilst the pirate chef prepares dinner for the crew, dinner is preparing it's escape!

Check out the other entries here - illustrationfriday.com

Here are some close ups...





Inspired - Jon Klassen

I recently bought Jon Klassen's book 'I want my hat back' for my daughter, Robyn. It's a great little book, with beautifully simple illustrations that are typical of Klassen's work. 

His website - www.burstofbeaden.com - is well worth a visit...


Grounded for Illustration Friday

Here is a picture for Illustration Friday. This week's topic is grounded.

This poor little guy is in the process of being grounded for spilling some milk... it's very sad!
I think I'll try this as a three colour screenprint pretty soon. 

Illustration Friday is a really great website which posts a new illustartion topic each friday.
It's free for anyone to have a go and upload their work. So, if you have a spare hour or so, head over to www.illustrationfriday.com

Scrumpers on packagingoftheworld.com

Woo hoo! I'm really excited that Scrumpers has been featured on Packaging of the World - you can check it out here

Packaging of the World is home to a vast archive of some of the world's best packaging design. It's a great resource for anyone looking for design inspiration, or if you're just a design nerd like me.

Scrumpers is born!

The first batch of Scrumpers has been bottled - just in time for christmas! Here are some pics...

The Magician's Rabbit Children's Book


My Fiancée, Sara, and I are working on a children's book called The Magician's Rabbit.

We've plotted the story out in great detail, started writing, done loads of character studies and sketches, so I thought it was about time to plunge into some coloured, final-ish illustrations!

Here is a sneak peek at the cover (or what is currently the cover, but will almost certainly not be the cover due to the fact that I have months of procrastination ahead!) The font will probably change, the colours may well change, hell; he might not even be a rabbit by the time we've finished! (errrm, ok, he kinda has to be a rabbit).

Don't want to give any of the story away... but it's gonna be a fun, funny, sometimes dark, sometimes scary, rabbity adventure! 

We hope to get it finished and available mid way through 2012. More soon...

King of all Wild Things!

Here is my depiction of Max from the 1963 children's classic, Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. It was requested by my sister as a gift to her own little wild thing called Max (I think she's getting t-shirts made for his first christmas).

Max is instantly recognisable with his beastly get-up of wolf costume topped with crown, and as far as iconic characters go, he's up there with the best.  The recognisable nature of Max allowed me to be very simple with the illustration.

I hope you like it, and I know that most of you are likely to think 'it's nowhere near as good as the original!' - but believe me, I already know it!! 


Shop now open!

The dogeatcog shop is now open - Click here to have a gander!

I've produced it through Zazzle, which basically means they print and send out the items with my artwork on. I went with them mainly because I've bought items from them before and the quality is very good.

As I posted earlier, I will be opening a more personal shop in the future with hand printed and signed work for sale. More to come on this soon...

New work: Anchorface poster

Sea shanties! And rum! Here's the Anchorface poster...

New scarlettabbott website up and running!

Good news – scarlettabbott's new website is now live! You can check it out here – www.scarlettabbott.co.uk. Fitting it in around client work has been tough for the team, but it's definitely been worth the effort. Vibrant colours, textured illustrations and a lighter tone replace the more corporate feel of the old website.


I was tasked with pulling the homepage story together, so I knuckled down to learn some basic animation skills. It's no Toy Story, but I'm pretty pleased with it as a first effort. To keep it looking loose and rustic, all the drawings were hand done with a pencil in a quick and easy style, with splashes of watercolour added for a bit of vibrancy. Hope you like it!

Inspired - Jessica Hishe

Jessica Hische is a crazy cat lady known for her lettering, silly projects, and occasional foul mouth. 
Also, her work is awesome. Check out her website...

Shop coming soon!

Good news; the dogeatcog shop will soon be opening it's cyber doors! Fancy a t-shirt with a pirate on? An iphone case with a moustache on? Who doesn't!?

At first the shop will be done through zazzle, but when I get my act together I'll open a more personal shop selling signed screenprints, limited runs and handmade goods.

Watch this space...

New work: Love Birds illustration

It's Christmas soon, and it'll be my daughter Robyn's first one ever! This illustration is her present... shhhhhh don't tell her!

New work: Scrumpers labels unveiled!!



For the past two years, me and my mate Joel have taken to brewing cider. Last years effort, Scrumpy Joel, went down well, and this year's is coming along a treat. We've been a tad more adventurous this time, having brewed not one, not two, but three varieties of cider (whether they actually taste any different remains to be seen)!

The name Scrumpers has come from the fact that we didn't actually pay for any of the apples we used. That's not to say we stole them, we just happen to know a lot of very generous people who have a lot of apples!

Sally Cinnamon, named in honour of the newly reformed Stone Roses, is brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. What a Pear is pear cider and Adam's Apple is apple, pure and simple. 

Hope you like the designs, more pics will follow when we actually bottle the stuff...

Full website coming soon!

A fully functioning, totally free, dogeatcog website is coming soon to a screen near you. Available from all good internet browsers!

I think it'll be ready by January...

New work: The Ruined Barons Poster

There comes a time in every designers life when they are asked to design their mate's band's poster. My time has come and it has to be said, it was an absolute pleasure! 

The Ruined Barons are a sketchy traditional folk band, and can often be seen busking on the fair old streets of York. They intend to start gigging soon, hence the posters.

My mate's other band, Anchorface, will be getting the same treatment soon. Watch this space...  

Forward for Illustration Friday


Forward! Why climb a tree to get an apple, when you can just as easily get a bear to give you a hand?